By sourcing the most elegant perfume oils used for 1000 years, Ittara was founded on the need to provide the finest oil-based perfume for use anywhere, at any time. Our evocative, travel ready fragrances combine unique, classic scents with contemporary appeal, to make the best scents available for the modern man and woman.

All of our fragrances are vegan, non-toxic, alcohol free and cruelty free.

What is Ittar?

Known historically as ‘liquid gold’, Ittar has been used for centuries by kings, queens and elites as a symbol of status.

Ittar is a perfume oil derived from different botanical sources and aged for years, making them more aromatic over time. These sources include flowers, herbs, spices, or barks, out of which the oil is distilled by expert perfumers. Ittars have no expiration date; instead, they have a significantly longer shelf life as compared to alcohol-based perfumes.

Why oil-based?

Alcohol-based perfumes use a significant amount of chemicals (Volatile Organic Compounds, VOCs) and are sold in bulky bottles which are inconvenient for travel. Alternatively, perfume oils are safer, used in lower quantities and last longer on your skin through a more accurate scent.

Our perfume oils provide a high-grade alternative to big-brand alcohol-based perfumes. We believe the finest fragrances should:

  • Be available in a compact size, to be taken anywhere, at any time - our perfume oils are 70% smaller than conventional perfumes.
  • Be long lasting, both on the shelf and when in use - our perfume oils do not expire and gain a richer scent over time.
  • Not come at the cost of your health or the environment - alcohol-based fragrances contain a wide variety of harmful chemicals which can be dangerous to your health and the environment. Our perfume oils are biodegradable and non-toxic.

Ittara’s perfume oils are the solution to keep you feeling confident.