White Musk

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Ittara's White Musk fragrance oil is a long lasting perfume oil with a luxurious and sophisticated scent that exudes effortless elegance. The base of the perfume oil is a soft and powdery white musk, expertly blended with subtle floral notes to create a delicate and refreshing aroma. This white musk perfume oil is perfect for those who prefer a light and understated scent. White musk perfume oil for women and men is designed to be worn alone as a long lasting perfume oil or layered with other Ittara fragrances to create a unique and personalized aroma.

Size: 12ml / 0.4oz
Size: 12ml / 0.4oz

Product information

- Musk
- Rose
- Iris
- Jasmine
- Vanilla
- Vetiver
- Patchouli
- Peach
- Ylang-Ylang
- Galbanum

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    Q: How do I apply the fragrance? 

    A: Ittara fragrances are applied with a roll-on applicator. Simply roll the applicator on your pulse points, such as the wrists, neck, and inner elbows. You can also apply the fragrance behind your ears and on your chest for a more intense scent.

    Q: Can I layer the fragrances? 

    A: Yes, you can layer Ittara fragrances to create your own unique scent. We recommend layering similar scents for best results.

    Q: How long does the scent last? 

    A: The longevity of the scent depends on an individual's body chemistry, but Ittara fragrances typically last longer than traditional alcohol-based perfumes.

    Q: Are these fragrances safe for sensitive skin? 

    A: Our fragrances are free of alcohol and Volatile Organic Chemicals, which makes them less likely to cause irritation or allergic reactions. However, as with any product, it is always recommended to do a patch test before applying to a larger area of the skin.

    Q: Will Ittara fragrances smell as nice as well-known fragrances? 

    A: Ittara sources the finest attars used by royalty for hundreds of years. Our fragrances have a clean and simple aroma, unlike most alcohol-based scents which can be overpowering and complex.

    Q: Can I still use Ittara fragrances if I only apply them occasionally? 

    A: Yes, Ittara fragrances can be applied less frequently than spray-on perfumes as the scent lasts longer on your skin. Our fragrances are also applied in lower quantities, with each bottle lasting customers longer than spray-on fragrances when used in similar frequencies.

    Q: I do not recognize the notes contained in the fragrance, what are they made of? 

    A: Attars are made with predominantly natural, exotic ingredients, not chemicals. Our fragrances are composed of elements sourced from the finest eastern oils.


    Q: Why are the oils sold in only 12ml bottles? 

    A: In comparison to spray-on perfumes, Ittara fragrances are applied in lower quantities, smell just as strong and have a greater shelf life than spray-on perfumes. The 12ml bottle size is perfect for this type of product and it's easy to carry around.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Tony Martin
    White Musk Scent

    Divine scent! The White Musk fragrance is a gem. Delicate yet captivating, it lasts all day and transitions seamlessly. Subtle, sophisticated, and perfect for any occasion. Highly recommend!

    Amy Barletti
    Smells Amazing!

    The White Musk smells amazing! I even wear it on nights out!

    Arunas Adomaitis

    White Musk

    Karen Anderson
    White Musk

    Lovely light fragrance and lasts all day

    Lori Koncz

    White musk oil is absolutely wonderful and lasts all day. Will definitely be purchasing again.


    Ittara is a luxury fragrance brand that sources the finest Eastern oil-based fragrances to provide a rich, long-lasting scent in a convenient, travel-friendly size. Our mission is to provide safe, oil-based fragrances as an alternative to alcohol-based, spray-on fragrances that are popular in Western communities. We believe that oil-based attars are a superior alternative to alcohol-based perfumes, which are often filled with Volatile Organic Chemicals and can cause health issues and harm the environment.

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